Your business has a social responsibility to look after the wellbeing of your employees and the community.

Your business also has a corporate responsibility to apply the principles of good corporate governance and an adherence to the relevant authorities.

The VICTUS approach to financial planning for businesses, is to simplify all the red tape that any corporate institution must deal with daily.

We simplify this process, so you can get on with the most important task, which is running and growing your business.

Our vision is to enable you to DO business (and ultimately life), whilst we focus on intricacies behind the scenes.


When we register a business, we don’t stop at the registration, we understand there are many other aspects that will need your attention.

Victus will simplify the complexity of partnership agreements, tax registrations, the memorandum of incorporation and the most efficient structure, so you can focus on trading in your new company.


What is better than having your accountant, legal adviser and financial adviser all in perfect “SYNC” with each other?

When VICTUS does your accounting, we consider everything to ensure that all those aspects are covered.

Victus won’t merely balance your books, we consult, advise and implement as effective and tax efficient as possible.


Employee benefits are your corporate responsibility.

Richard Branson however defines it as follows:
“Clients do not come first, Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

VICTUS can change corporate responsibility to the definition quoted above.

We make employers and employees feel financially comfortable and valuable, with our unique value proposition.


Our commercial legal team understands the full context of your business financial planning, therefore your contracts won’t be templates, but personalised.

We administer deceased estates professionally, but we understand grief and always take great care to administer an estate in such a way as to minimise the burden on beneficiaries.

Trusts and Trust administration will leave a legacy, protect assets and ensure your beneficiaries are taken care of. It is an essential aspect of estate planning.

Trust administration is the most important aspect of your legacy, Victus takes the burden of compliance from your hands.


Risk Management will safeguard the revenue of an organization.

To implement an efficient risk management policy, an organisation would have to conduct a risk analysis to identify their exposure to risks, which would be done by way of a needs analysis.

Business are exposed to losses due to fire, theft, liability to third parties and business interruptions. Victus Risk have the ability to conduct such an assessment, which will address the exposure to risks.

We offer a variety of risk solutions from various insurers, as each business has unique needs and there is no one size that fits all. We are not restricted to any specific industry and have clients in the retail, manufacturing, vehicle dealer, professional and transport industries.

Contractors and specialist insurance needs are welcome.

Each business insured with us will be equally important, whether a small retailer, self-employed doctor, or a large factory.

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