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About Us

At Victus,
we simplify your
financial planning

It all begins with a conversation – a moment to learn, understand and plan. This is how we start our lifelong journeys with our clients. We chose the name Victus as it reflects the heart of all we stand for. Victus  – meaning “way of living” or “nourishment”.


Who We Are

We embrace individuality, knowing that every human being has a unique set of aspirations, goals and dreams. Like beauty, the value of financial success is in the eye of the beholder. What matters to you, matters to us.  

With our experience, know-how, and personalised approach, we can help you plan towards the life and wealth that you desire. From your individual financial needs to that of your family and business requirements, we cover the full spectrum of financial planning.

We are not miracle workers but we do understand people. Getting to know you to ensure that your dreams have the potential of becoming a reality is something we take immense pride in.

We look forward to walking your life path with you.

Business Financial Solutions

Personal Financial Solutions

Family Financial Solutions

Welcome to the Victus family.

Get to Know Us


we decide to associate ourselves with is what distinguishes us from our peers. 

At Victus, we have chosen well. Our team consists of dynamic personalities with a unified mission: To educate, understand and connect with clients on a personal level in order to plan, manage and achieve their financial aspirations.

We are more than just financial planners. We are your accountability partner. Take the time to get to know us. We will certainly be doing the same with you.

Our Core Values


Inspire a certain lifestyle, a way of living.


Selflessness, kindness and compassion.


To our employees, our clients and the community.


We are cautious, dependable and calm.


In our support, our communication, and our responsiveness.


Efficient, effective and “easy to do business with”.

Cutting edge

We embrace change, adapt and progress.


Not only to ourselves, but to others and to Victus.

Our Vision

“To achieve excellence by simplifying and enhancing the lives of our clients with our financial planning solutions.”

This is

Our Mission Statement


(meaning way of life): Believing in the power that lies behind dreaming, listening, understanding and planning accordingly.

It’s the value of knowing how an individual views financial success versus having a set amount of funds in a bank account come retirement. It’s about having conversations versus speaking in financial jargon and concepts. We understand that leaving a legacy behind is important to some and less so to others, who may prefer a different approach to life.