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Managing a business can be described as the thrill of experiencing two feelings at once - excitement and fear.

Owning a business

is very rewarding, however, you do need to manage and plan for the unexpected. While we cannot protect your business against every conceivable risk, we can ensure that all the essentials are in place to keep your productivity and profitability steady.

From machinery breakdown, theft, water damage to an unexpected lawsuit; business insurance will cover the damage through the relevant insurance policy.  

We have a panel of experts that will analyse and implement the best-tailored business insurance plan for your needs.

By listening, analysing and understanding what it is that our clients want, we are able to provide expert financial advice to help manage and maintain personal, family and business wealth creation.  

Business Continuity Solutions

Buy and Sell Insurance

Have you ever considered what would happen if you or your business partner becomes disabled, impaired or deceased? We take great care to ensure liquidity in our personal estates and believe that a business interest should not be treated any differently.

At any point in time, your business could be left vulnerable and exposed to third-party interests that are not necessarily a cultural or business fit. Buy and sell insurance protects your business from the impact of death, disability or impairment, ensuring that your business is fully retained and your beneficiaries are protected.

Buy and sell insurance also ensures that you unlock value for your beneficiaries at your death or permanent incapacity.

Contingent Liability Insurance

An employee or director often needs to stand surety for debts taken on by the business entity.  Contingent liability insurance is taken out to cover the amount of the loan.  In the event where an employee or director should die or become disabled, the policy will ensure that any outstanding loan amounts are repaid in full.

Business Overhead Insurance

In the event of illness or disability, the business tends to suffer the impact of this loss. The effect on daily operations may be affected, forcing the business to come to a standstill. Where overheads cannot be paid, business overhead insurance covers the ongoing costs needed to keep the business running efficiently. It is generally the first 6 – 12 months where this cover is vital.


Key Person Insurance

Often, a certain employee, partner or external individual is an integral part of a business’ operational success. This person is a crucial cog in the working business unit and is known as the Key Person. 

Key person insurance is necessary in order to afford the business the replacement costs linked to the deceased or disabled employee. A life insurance policy is taken out on that person equal to a specifically calculated amount following an analysis of how much the business would need to replace them.

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I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I have used Victus as my financial advisors for several years now and am constantly amazed at the excellence of my advisor. Highly qualified and knowledgeable, I feel as if I am in safe hands. They are transparent, I always receive comprehensive information when I have a query and have never been badly advised. On top of that, my advisor tends to go the extra mile for me.

Hester Sonander - Retired Eskom Manager

Exceptional service from the team at Victus Group!

Not only do they listen to understand but they also give you the best advice tailored to your needs. I would highly recommend the Victus group for any financial related matters.

Este Schoeman - Business Owner

Professional outfit with young and dynamic advisers.

Could quickly and efficiently make recommendations on my financial needs. Now my appointed financial advisors.

Danie Van Den Bergh - Retired Corporate Finance Specialist

Excellent Service. Highly recommended. catered for my specific needs.

Wimpie Buckle - Business Owner

Thanks, Victus, cheers to many more prosperous years ahead.

Definitely a personalised experience with services tailored to meet my financial needs.

Amori Gerber - Business Owner

Amazing service! Can not express how happy I am!

Tobias Johan Coetsee