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August newsletter

Aug 2021

Welcome to the August issue of our monthly newsletter.

The tragic events that took place in South Africa in July, when socio-economic and political tensions finally boiled over, were poignant reminders that life can be very unpredictable and that unexpected circumstances can lay waste to years of hard work and perseverance.

Seeing lives and livelihoods being callously destroyed was truly heart-breaking. It was, however, very encouraging to see South Africans from all walks of life get together and stand up against the wanton destruction.

Some reports from Sasria, the primary short-term insurer in SA that provides cover against risks such as civil unrest and public disorder, put an initial estimate of the damage at R12bn. Along with the COVID-19 third wave and the associated stricter lockdown restrictions, the events of July put significant strain on economic activity at the start of the third quarter of the year.

Experiences like these highlight the fact that one needs to ensure that your financial planning is thorough, up-to-date and appropriate, considering your, and your loved ones’, unique needs and circumstances.

In this issue we share information about the importance of medical gap cover as a part of your holistic financial plan. We provide some insights into the changing behaviour of the consumer, globally as well as in South Africa, and examine what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Please be assured of our commitment to assisting you in achieving continued financial success and prosperity.

Enjoy this issue!

Best regards

Johann Joubert