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No doubt, life can be unpredictable. Its ever-changing nature is a universal truth. Yet, how we react to these changes – both external and internal – is entirely within our control. The secret ingredient to navigating life’s ups and downs is resilience.

Picture an ancient oak tree. Over the centuries, it has withstood the harshest storms yet continues to thrive. This vitality comes from a deep-rooted resilience, an ability to recover from or adjust easily to adversities. Likewise, resilience is a crucial element in our own lives, allowing us to recover swiftly from difficulties.

A life well-lived requires us to foster resilience intentionally. Many of us, fortunate to have had nurturing environments in our early years, may have developed a certain level of resilience. But as we encounter societal pressures, exclusions, challenges, and limitations, this resilience is tested and may wane. It�s why the pursuit of resilience and strength becomes a lifelong journey.

This journey towards resilience is intimately tied to a sense of wholeness, an acceptance of our complete selves – the good, the bad, and the “warty”. This path of self-acceptance and self-compassion leads us to a place of inner balance. As Dr. Rosenberg, a clinical psychologist, puts it, �When we embrace all parts of ourselves, recognizing the needs and values of each part, we practice self-compassion.”

Self-compassion and resilience are equally crucial when navigating our financial journeys. As we�ve explored in previous blogs, embracing concepts like Meraki or understanding investment tools like ETFs, requires us to scrutinise our relationship with money. By doing so, we foster healthier financial habits, build a positive self-image, and cultivate resilient relationships.

Wholeness and holiness are deeply intertwined. The term “holy”, derived from the Old English word ‘h?lig’, signifies being “whole, healthy, entire, and complete”. Experiencing this sense of wholeness can often feel like a spiritual awakening, filled with awe, gratitude, and love.

But remember, this profound sense of wholeness and resilience is not limited to mystics or secluded individuals. It’s accessible to everyone. Showing up daily, contributing value to those around us, and adapting to unforeseen changes – these are all paths to resilience. Providing for our families in challenging times and being a safety net for our loved ones strengthen our resilience.

So, let’s start this journey towards resilience by being kinder to ourselves. Only then can we truly bounce back stronger from life’s curveballs.