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The only list you have to worry about

“He’s making a list, and checking it twice;Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice.” You’ve probably heard that line once or twice, right? For those who celebrate Christmas, there’s a tradition that speaks to Santa Claus having two lists, and only the kids on the nice list (good and well-behaved)… get gifts. Interestingly, this is […]

Riding the waves of financial uncertainty

In the vast ocean of financial management, money anxiety often feels like an unending series of waves. Sometimes, these waves are gentle, nudging us towards better financial habits. Other times, they are overwhelming, born from the tempests of unexpected life events and shifting economic landscapes. It’s easy to become fixated on wealth creation, focusing solely […]

The Power of ‘Get To’ Over ‘Have To’

Life only seems to get busier – no matter how hard we try to slow things down. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of viewing tasks and responsibilities as burdens, things we ‘have to’ do. This mindset, often a default setting, can make our days feel heavy and obligatory. But what if we could […]

It’s important to check in

In the realm of financial planning, we often focus on numbers, strategies, and future projections. Yet, a recent conversation shared on twitter underscores a different, but equally vital aspect of our work: the importance of simply being there and listening. A financial planner recounted an experience with a retired client. It had been months since […]

The relationships we cherish and celebrate

In the rhythmic and deceptively unpredictable day-in and day-out of our calendars, there are moments when our wallets feel significantly lighter. The end of the year, with its festive sparkle and cheer, often brings a flurry of spending that can leave many of us dizzy. It’s not just the holidays, though. Think about that one […]

Less scrolling, more strolling

Screens dominate much of our waking hours. There’s a growing need to disconnect from the virtual and reconnect with the tangible world around us. The mantra “less scrolling, more strolling” captures this sentiment perfectly, encouraging a shift from passive, screen-based activities to active, physical engagement with our surroundings, particularly through walking. The act of walking, […]