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Balancing our need for control

At the heart of financial planning lies a universal truth: we plan to gain control over the unforeseen and to navigate life’s uncertainties with confidence. As Lyall Watson, the renowned biologist and writer, insightfully observed, “We survive by controlling our environment. And control is made possible by information.” This principle, deeply rooted in our survival […]

Get stuck, get strong!

In every life, there will inevitably come times when we find ourselves at a standstill, facing challenges that seem insurmountable. It’s during these moments, when we’re stuck and the path forward is unclear, that our true strength is forged. The adage “Sometimes we need to get stuck, in order to get strong” speaks volumes about […]

Riding the waves of financial uncertainty

In the vast ocean of financial management, money anxiety often feels like an unending series of waves. Sometimes, these waves are gentle, nudging us towards better financial habits. Other times, they are overwhelming, born from the tempests of unexpected life events and shifting economic landscapes. It’s easy to become fixated on wealth creation, focusing solely […]

It’s important to check in

In the realm of financial planning, we often focus on numbers, strategies, and future projections. Yet, a recent conversation shared on twitter underscores a different, but equally vital aspect of our work: the importance of simply being there and listening. A financial planner recounted an experience with a retired client. It had been months since […]

Less scrolling, more strolling

Screens dominate much of our waking hours. There’s a growing need to disconnect from the virtual and reconnect with the tangible world around us. The mantra “less scrolling, more strolling” captures this sentiment perfectly, encouraging a shift from passive, screen-based activities to active, physical engagement with our surroundings, particularly through walking. The act of walking, […]

Your assets should fulfil your ‘why’

Financial planning, for most people, brings to mind a labyrinth of paperwork and the perpetual agony of tracking every dime and dollar. It’s no surprise, then, that this often leads to analysis paralysis.  Author Carl Richards (mentioned in a recent blog) cuts through this complexity, suggesting that the core of effective financial planning can, in […]

Time, the ultimate wealth-building asset

The secret of wealth-building that often goes unnoticed is not just how we manage our money, but how we manage our time.  Time is a finite resource. Once we spend it, we can’t get it back.  Learning how to leverage time effectively can distinguish you as a top performer, and as someone who truly understands […]

Closing the Behavior Gap: Navigating emotional money mistakes and asset allocation

How often have you found yourself making impulsive decisions about your investments based on headlines or peer pressure? Maybe you’ve even shifted your entire asset allocation because of these emotions.  If this sounds familiar, you’re far from alone.  Carl Richards, in his groundbreaking book “The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with […]

Rewiring your financial mindset (II)

Socratic Questioning and Guided Imagery In our previous blog, we discussed how cognitive distortions can influence your decision-making, emotions, and, ultimately, your financial well-being. In this one, we’re diving deeper into specific techniques that can help you combat these distortions: Socratic Questioning and Guided Imagery. These tools not only help in mental health but can […]

Costs, Delays, and Challenges of Estate Administration

The emotional toll of losing a loved one leaves us unprepared for the logistical labyrinth that follows: the administration of their estate. Navigating this complex process can feel like a second loss, rife with hidden costs, legal hurdles, and unexpected delays. With the insights from this blog, you’ll be better equipped to navigate these challenges. […]